Caskey Founder's Day 2012: Expounding the Word

The Caskey School of Divinity's first Founder's Day Celebration was held on Friday, October 12th on the Louisiana College campus. The focus of the night's events was a simple phrase which conisely describes the mission of the Caskey School: Expounding the Word.This wonderful night of celebration featured a meal, worship, and a message for students, faculty, staff, administrators, and other guests. The pictures below help show a small piece of the wonderful evening (all photos taken by Miranda Quartemont).

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  Earnest Smith, an Associate of Arts in Pastoral Ministry student, was blessed by the opportunity to fellowship
  with the children of a classmate.

 Dr. Pete Charpentier, Caskey’s newest professor, (pictured right) enjoyed the new opportunity for
 out-of-the-classroom discussions with his students. 

 Luther Sanson, center, is one of forty-five Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry students currently enrolled
 in the Caskey School of Divinity.

Caskey students invited their loved ones and family members to share in this special night.

Prospective student Marc Gregoire, center facing, experienced first-hand the blessings and fellowship
present at the Caskey School while attending the Founder’s Day events.

 Louisiana College student Dustin Smith provided a beautiful background soundtrack for mingling and dining.  

 Caskey School of Divinity staff members, like Administrative Assistant Nicole Richmond (center), joined
 the students, faculty, administrators, and honored guests to  celebrate the blessings of the school’s first year.

  Lucas Moncada, a student in the Biblical and Theological Studies program at Caskey, enjoyed celebrating
  the school’s first year with his girlfriend, Hannah Lanier.

 The Louisiana College Chorale, under the direction of Dr. Fred Guilbert, sang beautiful praises to the
 Lord as they led the audience in a time of worshipping the Lord through song.