Giving to the Caskey School of Divinity

A Commitment to Our Donors The Caskey School of Divinity depends on the sacrificial gifts of donors to continue its ministries. Because of our submission to the authority of Jesus, we seek to obey Him in all that we do, including the way that we appeal for and handle the gifts from donors. We recognize that most donors will be faithful believers who want to support the training of a new generation of biblical preachers who will expound God’s word accurately, reverently, and passionately. We further believe that Christian donors will desire to follow the principles of Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 6:2-4 with regard to their gifts.

  • Jesus taught that when His followers offer their gifts, they should not “sound a trumpet before you . . . to be applauded by people.”
  • Jesus taught that those who give to impress other people with their generosity will not receive a heavenly reward for their gift.
  • Jesus taught that those who give confidentially motivated by love for God will receive a heavenly reward for their gifts: “Don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.”

Jesus’ Teaching on Giving (Matt 6:2–4)

Consequently, when you give to support the Caskey School of Divinity, you can be assured that we will do nothing to diminish your heavenly reward for your gift. Your gift will be kept confidential, unless you explicitly request otherwise.

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